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(Not recommended) Find string within another, longer string

findstr is not recommended. Use contains or strfind instead.


k = findstr(str1, str2)


k = findstr(str1, str2) searches the longer of the two input character vectors for any occurrences of the shorter character vector, returning the starting index of each such occurrence in the double array k. If no occurrences are found, then findstr returns the empty array, [].

The search performed by findstr is case sensitive. Any leading and trailing blanks in either input character vector are explicitly included in the comparison.

Unlike the contains or strfind functions, the order of the input arguments to findstr is not important. This can be useful if you are not certain which of the two input character vectors is the longer one.


s = 'Find the starting indices of the shorter character vector.';

findstr(s, 'the')
ans =
     6    30

findstr('the', s)
ans =
     6    30

Introduced before R2006a

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