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Data from variable in Automation server workspace


IDL Method Signature

HRESULT GetVariable([in] BSTR varname, [in] BSTR workspace, [out, retval] VARIANT* pdata)

Microsoft Visual Basic Client

GetVariable(varname As String, workspace As String) As Object


D = h.GetVariable('varname','workspace')
D = GetVariable(h,'varname','workspace')


D = h.GetVariable('varname','workspace') gets data stored in variable varname from the specified workspace of the server attached to handle h and returns it in output argument D. The values for workspace are base or global.

D = GetVariable(h,'varname','workspace') is an alternate syntax.

Do not use GetVariable on sparse arrays, structures, or function handles.

If your scripting language requires a result be returned explicitly, use the GetVariable function in place of GetWorkspaceData, GetFullMatrix or GetCharArray.


This example uses a Visual Basic® .NET client to read data from a MATLAB® Automation server:

Dim Matlab As Object
Dim Result As String
Dim C2 As Variant
Matlab = CreateObject("matlab.application")
Result = Matlab.Execute("C1 = {25.72, 'hello', rand(4)};")
C2 = Matlab.GetVariable("C1", "base")
MsgBox("Second item in cell array: " & C2(0, 1))

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