Mouse placement of text in 2-D view


h = gtext(...)


gtext displays a text string in the current figure window after you select a location with the mouse.

gtext('string') waits for you to press a mouse button or keyboard key while the pointer is within a figure window. Pressing a mouse button or any key places 'string' on the plot at the selected location.

gtext({'string1','string2','string3',...}) places all strings with one click, each on a separate line.

gtext({'string1';'string2';'string3';...}) places one string per click, in the sequence specified.

gtext(...,'PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) sets the values of the specified text properties. For a list of properties, see Text Properties.

h = gtext(...) returns the handle to a text graphics object that is placed on the plot at the location you select.


Place a label on the current plot:

gtext('Note this divergence!')

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As you move the pointer into a figure window, the pointer becomes crosshairs to indicate that gtext is waiting for you to select a location. gtext uses the functions ginput and text.

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