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Value of symbolic link


linkval = H5L.get_val(link_loc_id,link_name,lapl_id)


linkval = H5L.get_val(link_loc_id,link_name,lapl_id) returns the value of a symbolic link.

link_loc_id is a file or group identifier. link_name identifies a symbolic link and is defined relative to link_loc_id. Symbolic links include soft and external links and some user-defined links.

In the case of soft links, linkval is a cell array containing the path to which the link points.

In the case of external links, linkval is a cell array consisting of the name of the target file and the object name.

This function corresponds to the H5L.get_val and H5Lunpack_elink_val functions in the HDF5 1.8 C API.


fid ='example.h5');
gid =,'/g1/g1.2/g1.2.1');
linkval = H5L.get_val(gid,'slink','H5P_DEFAULT');
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