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Value of specified property in property list


value = H5P.get(plist_id, name)


value = H5P.get(plist_id, name) retrieves a copy of the value of the property specified by the character vector name in the property list specified by plist_id. The H5P.get function returns the property as an array of uint8 values. You might need to cast the value to an appropriate data type to get a meaningful result.


plist = H5P.create('H5P_FILE_ACCESS');
val = H5P.get(plist, 'rdcc_w0');
rdcc_w0 = typecast(val,'double');

It is recommended to use alternative functions like H5P.get_chunk, H5P.get_layout, H5P.get_size etc., where available, to get values for the common property names.

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