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Set properties to be used when objects are copied




H5P.set_copy_object(ocp_plist_id,copy_options) sets the properties in the object copy property list ocp_plist_id that will be invoked when a new copy is made of an existing object. ocp_plist_id is the object copy property list and specifies the properties governing the copying of the object.

Specify copy_options as a character vector or string scalar containing one of these flag names, or its equivalent numerical value.

H5O_COPY_SHALLOW_HIERARCHY_FLAGCopy only immediate members of a group. Default behavior, without flag: Recursively copy all objects below the group.
H5O_COPY_EXPAND_SOFT_LINK_FLAGExpand soft links into new objects. Default behavior, without flag: Keep soft links as they are.
H5O_COPY_EXPAND_EXT_LINK_FLAGExpand external link into new objects. Default behavior, without flag: Keep external links as they are.
H5O_COPY_EXPAND_REFERENCE_FLAGCopy objects that are pointed to by references. Default behavior, without flag: Update only the values of object references.
H5O_COPY_WITHOUT_ATTR_FLAGCopy object without copying attributes. Default behavior, without flag: Copy object along with all its attributes.


ocp_plist_id = H5P.create ('H5P_OBJECT_COPY');
option1 = H5ML.get_constant_value('H5O_COPY_EXPAND_SOFT_LINK_FLAG');
option2 = H5ML.get_constant_value('H5O_COPY_EXPAND_REFERENCE_FLAG');
copy_options = bitor(option1,option2);