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Floating-point data type bit field information


[spos,epos,esize,mpos,msize] = H5T.get_fields(type_id)


[spos,epos,esize,mpos,msize] = H5T.get_fields(type_id) returns information about the locations of the various bit fields of a floating point data type. type_id is a data type identifier. spos is the floating-point sign bit. epos is the exponent bit-position. esize is the size of the exponent in bits. mpos is the mantissa bit-position. msize is the size of the mantissa in bits.


fid ='example.h5');
dset_id =,'/g3/float');
type_id = H5D.get_type(dset_id);
[spos, epos, esize, mpos, msize] = H5T.get_fields(type_id);
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