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Browse and import data from HDF4 or HDF-EOS files

    Note:   hdftool will be removed in a future release. To read data from an HDF file, use hdfread,,, or instead.


h = hdftool(...)


hdftool starts the HDF Import Tool, a graphical user interface used to browse the contents of HDF4 and HDF-EOS files and import data and subsets of data from these files. To open an HDF4 or HDF-EOS file, select Open from the Home tab. You can open multiple files in the HDF Import Tool by selecting Open from the Home tab.

hdftool(filename) opens the HDF4 or HDF-EOS file specified by filename in the HDF Import Tool.

h = hdftool(...) returns a handle h to the HDF Import Tool. To close the tool from the command line, use close(h).



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