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Create help dialog box


h = helpdlg(...)


helpdlg creates a nonmodal help dialog box or brings the named help dialog box to the front.

    Note   A nonmodal dialog box enables the user to interact with other windows before responding. For more information, see WindowStyle in the MATLAB® Figure Properties.

helpdlg displays a dialog box named 'Help Dialog' containing the string 'This is the default help string.'

helpdlg('helpstring') displays a dialog box named 'Help Dialog' containing the string specified by 'helpstring'.

helpdlg('helpstring','dlgname') displays a dialog box named 'dlgname' containing the string 'helpstring'.

h = helpdlg(...) returns the handle of the dialog box.


The statement

helpdlg('Choose 10 points from the figure',...
        'Point Selection');

displays this dialog box:

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MATLAB wraps the text in 'helpstring' to fit the width of the dialog box. The dialog box remains on your screen until you press the OK button or the Enter key. After either of these actions, the help dialog box disappears.

Introduced before R2006a

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