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Provide access to help comments for all functions


helpwin will be removed in a future release. Use doc instead.


helpwin topic


helpwin lists topics for groups of functions in the MATLAB® Help browser. It shows brief descriptions of the topics and provides links to display help comments for the functions. You cannot follow links in the helpwin list of functions if the MATLAB software is busy (for example, running a program).

helpwin topic displays help information for the topic. If topic is a folder, it displays all functions in the folder. If topic is a function, helpwin displays help for that function. From the page, you can access a list of folders (Default Topics link) as well as the reference page help for the function (Go to online doc link). You cannot follow links in the helpwin list of functions if MATLAB is busy (for example, running a program).



helpwin datafun

displays the functions in the datafun folder and a brief description of each.


helpwin fft

displays the help for the fft function.

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Introduced before R2006a

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