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Names of functions, MEX-files, classes in memory


M = inmem
[M,X] = inmem
[M,X,C] = inmem
[...] = inmem('-completenames')


M = inmem returns a cell array of strings containing the names of the functions that are currently loaded.

[M,X] = inmem returns an additional cell array X containing the names of the MEX-files that are currently loaded.

[M,X,C] = inmem also returns a cell array C containing the names of the classes that are currently loaded.

[...] = inmem('-completenames') returns not only the names of the currently loaded function and MEX-files, but the path and filename extension for each as well. No additional information is returned for loaded classes.


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Functions in Memory

List the functions that remain in memory after calling the magic function.

clear all        

M = inmem
M = 

The function list includes magic and additional functions that are in memory in your current session.

MEX-Files in Memory

Call a sample MEX-function named arrayProduct, and then verify that the MEX-function is in memory. You must have a supported C compiler installed on your system to run this example.

clear all
sampleFolder = fullfile(matlabroot,'extern','examples','mex');
mex arrayProduct.c

s = 5; 
A = [1.5, 2, 9];
B = arrayProduct(s,A);

[M,X] = inmem('-completenames');
X = 

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Introduced before R2006a

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