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Smallest value of specified integer type


v = intmin
v = intmin('classname')


v = intmin is the smallest value that can be represented in the MATLAB® software with a 32-bit integer. Any value smaller than the value returned by intmin saturates to the intmin value when cast to a 32-bit integer.

v = intmin('classname') is the smallest positive value in the integer class classname. Valid values for the string classname are









intmin('int32') is the same as intmin with no arguments.


Find the minimum value for a 64-bit signed integer:

v = intmin('int64')
v =


Convert this value to a 32-bit signed integer:

x = int32(v)
x =


Compare the result with the default value returned by intmin:

isequal(x, intmin)
ans =


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Introduced before R2006a

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