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(Not recommended) Determine if input is folder on search path

isdir is not recommended. Use isfolder instead. isdir searches for folders on the search path, which can lead to unexpected results. isfolder searches for folders only on the specified path or in the current folder.


result = isdir(folderName)



result = isdir(folderName) returns 1 if folderName is a folder on the search path. Otherwise, isdir returns 0.


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Check if the input myfile1.txt is a folder. A result of 0 indicates that myfile1.txt is not a folder.

result = isdir('myfile1.txt')
result = logical

Create the folder myfolder, and then check if myfolder is a folder. A result of 1 indicates that myfolder is a folder.

mkdir myfolder;
result = isdir('myfolder')
result = logical

Get the Current Folder listing and filter out only the folders.

Create two folders, myfolder1 and myfolder2.

mkdir myfolder1
mkdir myfolder2

Get the current folder listing.

listing = dir;

Filter out only the folders.

onlyFolders = listing([listing.isdir]);
ans = 
ans = 
ans = 
ans = 

Input Arguments

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Folder name, specified as a character vector. You can specify folderName as an absolute or relative path.

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Introduced before R2006a

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