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Determine if input is valid variable name




tf = isvarname(s) determines if input s is a valid variable name. If s is a valid MATLAB® variable name the isvarname function returns logical 1 (true). Otherwise it returns logical 0 (false).

A valid variable name begins with a letter and contains not more than namelengthmax characters. Valid variable names can include letters, digits, and underscores. MATLAB keywords are not valid variable names. To determine if the input is a MATLAB keyword, use the iskeyword function.

isvarname s is the command form of the syntax. The command form requires fewer special characters. You do not need parentheses or single quotes around the input.


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Determine Variable Name Validity

Show that input that starts with a number is not a valid variable name.

s = '8th_column';
ans =


Change the input to a valid variable name.

s = 'column_8';
ans =


Use the command form to determine if the input is a valid variable name.

isvarname column_8
ans =


Input Arguments

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s — Potential variable namecharacter | string

Potential variable name, specified as a character or string.

Example: 'myVar'

Data Types: char

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Introduced before R2006a

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