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Get list of installed add-ons


addons = matlab.addons.installedAddons



addons = matlab.addons.installedAddons returns a list of currently installed add-ons.


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Suppose you have an add-on called Random File Name Creator installed on your system. Get the list of installed add-ons.

addons = matlab.addons.installedAddons
 addons =

  1×3 table

                  Name                    Version                   Identifier              
    _________________________________    _________    ______________________________________

    "Random File Name Creator"           "1.0"        "75442144-f751-4011-bm0e-32b6fb2f1433"

Output Arguments

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Installed add-ons information, specified as a table of strings with one row for each add-on. The table has these columns.

NameName of the add-on
VersionVersion of the add-on
IdentifierUnique identifier of the add-on

Introduced in R2017b

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