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Get next value from ValueIterator


X = getnext(ValIter)



X = getnext(ValIter) returns the next available value in ValIter. Use the hasnext function to confirm availability of values in ValIter before calling getnext.


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Use the hasnext and getnext functions in a while loop within the reduce function to iteratively get values from the ValueIterator object. For example,

function MeanDistReduceFun(sumLenKey, sumLenIter, outKVStore)
    sumLen = [0 0];
    while hasnext(sumLenIter)
        sumLen = sumLen + getnext(sumLenIter);
    add(outKVStore, 'Mean', sumLen(1)/sumLen(2));

Always call hasnext before getnext to confirm availability of a value. mapreduce returns an error if you call getnext with no remaining values in the ValueIterator object.

Input Arguments

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Intermediate value iterator, specified as a ValueIterator object. The mapreduce function automatically creates this object during execution. The second input to the reduce function specifies the variable name for the ValueIterator object, which is the variable name to use with the hasnext and getnext functions.

For more information, see ValueIterator.

Introduced in R2014b