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HTTP Authentication-Info header field in response message


An AuthenticationInfoField object contains information about a successful Digest authentication. A server or proxy creates an Authentication-Info header field in a response message.

Since this field appears only in response messages, you do not normally create one of these fields. Use this field only if you are implementing your own authentication protocol or one that MATLAB® does not automatically support.

If you use the automatic authentication provided by MATLAB by specifying the Credentials property in HTTPOptions, you do not need to access this field.


obj = creates an Authentication-Info header field with the Name property set to name with no value.

obj =,value) creates a header field with the Value property set to value.


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Header field name, specified as 'Authentication-Info' or 'Proxy-Authentication-Info'.

Header field value, specified as a string.



Value of AuthenticationInfoField as vector of AuthInfo objects containing tokens and values

Introduced in R2016b

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