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HTTP Content-Type header field


A ContentTypeField object is an HTTP header field in a request or response message. The field contains a single media type specification indicating the type of content in the body of the message.

In a request message, a Content-Type field determines how data specified in the MessageBody.Data property is converted. For information on this conversion, see HTTP Data Type Conversion. If a request message contains a nonempty body, but does not contain a Content-Type field, then MATLAB® creates a Content-Type field based on the data type.


obj = creates a Content-Type header field with the Value property set to value.


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Header field name, specified as 'Content-Type'.

Media type, specified as a object or a string acceptable to the MediaType constructor. Value cannot contain a quality ('q') parameter.

Example: 'text/html;charset=utf-8'



Return Value of ContentTypeField as MediaType object



Introduced in R2016b

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