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First line of HTTP request message


The RequestLine class represents the first line of a request message. A request line is automatically created when you send or complete a message. You also can create a request line and pass it to the RequestMessage.send method in place of the URI argument.



obj =,requestTarget,protocolVersion) creates a request line with the specified properties. You can omit trailing arguments and use [] to specify any placeholders.

obj = creates a request line by parsing str.

Input Arguments

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Request line, specified as a string or character vector. str consists of 1-3 parts, separated by white space, specifying the Method, RequestTarget, and ProtocolVersion properties.


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Request method, specified as a enumeration or a string or character vector representing a request method. To send a message, set the RequestMessage.Method property or the RequestLine.Method property.

Example: 'GET'



Protocol version, specified as a object or a string acceptable to the constructor.

Example: 'HTTP/1.1'

Target URI, specified as a object or a string or character vector acceptable to the constructor. The RequestTarget value must be consistent with the URI you specify in a request message send or complete method.

RequestTarget contains at least a leading forward slash (/) for the Path property, even if the path is relative or empty.

When using a proxy, RequestTarget is a full URI with Scheme and Authority properties. When not using a proxy, RequestTarget must be an absolute path with an optional Query property. You specify a proxy in an HTTPOptions object.

Example: ''


These methods implement the equivalent MATLAB® functionality for this class.


Request line as character vector


Request line as string


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Create an HTTP request line to get an image from the Hubble Heritage Project website.

url = '';
reqline = RequestLine('get',url,'HTTP/1.1');
ans = 
"GET HTTP/1.1"

Introduced in R2016b

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