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Summary of classes in MATLAB Plugins Interface


Plugins customize a TestRunner object. The matlab.unittest.plugins package consists of the following customized MATLAB® plugins.

matlab.unittest.plugins.DiagnosticsValidationPluginPlugin to help validate diagnostic code
matlab.unittest.plugins.FailureDiagnosticsPluginPlugin to show diagnostics on failure
matlab.unittest.plugins.OutputStreamInterface that determines where to send text output
matlab.unittest.plugins.StopOnFailuresPluginPlugin to debug test failures
matlab.unittest.plugins.TAPPluginPlugin that produces Test Anything Protocol stream
matlab.unittest.plugins.TestRunnerPluginPlugin interface for extending TestRunner
matlab.unittest.plugins.TestSuiteProgressPluginPlugin that outputs progress information as text
matlab.unittest.plugins.ToFileOutput stream to write text output to file
matlab.unittest.plugins.ToStandardOutputOutput stream to display text information to screen

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