Summary of classes in MATLAB Qualifications Interface


Qualifications are methods for testing values and responding to failures. Qualification failures might or might not correspond to a test failure, and they might or might not continue execution in the test when one is encountered. To determine which qualification to use, see Types of Qualifications.

matlab.unittest.qualifications.AssertableQualification to validate preconditions of a test
matlab.unittest.qualifications.AssumableQualification to filter test content
matlab.unittest.qualifications.FatalAssertableQualification to abort test execution
matlab.unittest.qualifications.VerifiableQualification to produce soft-failure conditions

The package contains the following event data classes:

matlab.unittest.qualifications.ExceptionEventDataEvent data for ExceptionThrown event listeners
matlab.unittest.qualifications.QualificationEventDataEvent data for qualification event listeners

The package contains the following exception handling classes:

matlab.unittest.qualifications.AssertionFailedExceptionException used for assertion failures
matlab.unittest.qualifications.AssumptionFailedExceptionException used for assumption failures
matlab.unittest.qualifications.FatalAssertionFailedExceptionException used for fatal assertion failures
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