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Describe enumeration member of MATLAB class


The meta.EnumeratedValue class contains information about enumeration members defined by MATLAB® classes. The properties of a meta.EnumeratedValue object correspond to the attributes of the enumeration member being described.

All meta.EnumeratedValue properties are read-only. Query the meta.EnumeratedValue object to obtain information about the enumeration member it describes.

Obtain a meta.EnumeratedValue object from the EnumerationMemberList property of the meta.class object. EnumerationMemberList is an array of Meta.EnumeratedValue instances, one per enumeration member.

The meta.EnumeratedValue class is a subclass of the handle class.


To access the meta.EnumeratedValue objects for a class, first create a meta.class object for that class. For example, give the following OnOff class definition:

classdef OnOff < logical
      On (true)
      Off (false)

Obtain a meta.EnumeratedValue object from the EnumerationMemberList property of the meta.class object:

% Obtain the meta.class instance for the OnOff class
mc = ?OnOff;
% Get the array of EnumerateValue objects
enumList = mc.EnumerationMemberList; 
% Access the Name property of the first object in the array
enumList(1).Name =
ans =


Name read-onlyName of the enumeration member associated with this meta.EnumeratedValue object
Description read-only

Currently not used.

DetailedDescription read-only

Currently not used.


See the handle superclass for inherited methods.


See the handle superclass for inherited events.

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