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Class method names


m = methods(...)


methods('classname') displays the names of the methods for the class classname. If classname is a MATLAB® or Java® class, then methods displays only public methods, including those methods inherited from superclasses.

methods(...,'-full') displays a full description of the methods, including inheritance information and, for MATLAB and Java methods, method attributes and signatures. methods does not remove duplicate method names with different signatures. Do not use this option with classes defined before MATLAB 7.6.

m = methods(...) returns the method names in a cell array of strings.

methods is also a MATLAB class-definition keyword. See classdef for more information on class-definition keywords.

This function does not show generic methods from classes based on the Microsoft® .NET Framework. Use your product documentation to get information on generic methods.


Retrieve the names of the static methods in class MException:

Methods for class MException:

addCause     getReport      ne           throw       
eq           isequal        rethrow      throwAsCaller

Static methods:


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Introduced before R2006a

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