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Package: NET

Invoke generic method of object


[varargout] = NET.invokeGenericMethod(obj,'genericMethodName',paramTypes,args,...)


[varargout] = NET.invokeGenericMethod(obj,'genericMethodName',paramTypes,args,...) calls instance or static generic method genericMethodName.

Input Arguments


Allowed argument types are:

  • Instances of class containing the generic method

  • Strings or character vectors with fully qualified class name, if calling static generic methods

  • Instances of NET.GenericClass definitions, if calling static generic methods of a generic class


Generic method name to invoke


Cell vector (1 to N) with the types for generic method parameterization, where allowed cell types are:

  • Strings or character vectors with fully qualified parameter type name.

  • Instances of NET.GenericClass definitions, if using nested parameterization with another parameterized type


Optional, variable length (0 to N) list of method arguments

Output Arguments


Variable-length output argument list, varargout, from method genericMethodName


The following syntax calls a generic method that takes two parameterized types and returns a parameterized type:

a = NET.invokeGenericMethod(obj, ...
  'myGenericSwapMethod', ... 
  {'System.Double', 'System.Double'}, ...
  5, 6);

To display generic methods in MATLAB®, see the example Display .NET Generic Methods Using Reflection.

Introduced in R2009b

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