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Retrieve chunk cache settings for NetCDF library


[csize, nelems, premp] = netcdf.getChunkCache()


[csize, nelems, premp] = netcdf.getChunkCache() returns the default chunk cache settings.

Output Arguments


Scalar double specifying the total size of the raw data chunk cache in bytes.


Scalar double specifying the number of chunk slots in the raw data chunk cache hash table.


Double, between 0 and 1, inclusive, that specifies how the library handles preempting fully read chunks in the chunk cache. A value of zero means fully read chunks are treated no differently than other chunks, that is, preemption occurs solely based on the Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithm. A value of 1 means fully read chunks are always preempted before other chunks.


Determine information about the chunk cache size used by the NetCDF library.

[csize, nelems, premp] = netcdf.getChunkCache();


This function corresponds to the nc_get_chunk_cache function in the NetCDF library C API.

For copyright information, read the netcdfcopyright.txt and mexnccopyright.txt files.

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