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Return information about netCDF file


[ndims,nvars,ngatts,unlimdimid] = netcdf.inq(ncid)


[ndims,nvars,ngatts,unlimdimid] = netcdf.inq(ncid) returns the number of dimensions, variables, and global attributes in a netCDF file. The function also returns the ID of the dimension defined with unlimited length, if one exists.

ncid is a netCDF file identifier returned by netcdf.create or You can call netcdf.inq in either define mode or data mode.

This function corresponds to the nc_inq function in the netCDF library C API. To use this function, you should be familiar with the netCDF programming paradigm. See netcdf for more information.


This example opens the example netCDF file included with MATLAB®,, and uses the netcdf.inq function to get information about the contents of the file.

% Open netCDF example file.
ncid ='','NC_NOWRITE')

% Get information about the contents of the file.
[numdims, numvars, numglobalatts, unlimdimID] = netcdf.inq(ncid)

numdims =


numvars =


numglobalatts =


unlimdimID =

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