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Determine format of NetCDF file


format = netcdf.inqFormat(ncid)


format = netcdf.inqFormat(ncid) returns the format for the file specified by NetCDF file identifier, ncid.

Input Arguments


Identifier of a NetCDF file, returned by netcdf.create or, or of a NetCDF group, returned by netcdf.defGrp.

Output Arguments


Text string that specifies the format of the NetCDF file. Values include:

Format StringDescription
FORMAT_CLASSICClassic format — Original NetCDF format, used by all NetCDF files created between 1989 and 2004
FORMAT_64BITClassic format, 64–bit — Original format with 64–bit addressing capability to allow creation and access of much larger files.
FORMAT_NETCDF4Enhanced model, HDF5-based — Introduced in 2008, NetCDF, version 4, extends the classic model and is based on HDF5.
FORMAT_NETCDF4_CLASSICClassic model, HDF5-based — Introduced in 2008, NetCDF, version 4, implements classic model but is based on HDF5.


This example opens the sample NetCDF file and determines the format.

ncid ='','NOWRITE');
fmt = netcdf.inqFormat(ncid)

format =




This function corresponds to the nc_inq_format function in the NetCDF library C API.

For copyright information, read the netcdfcopyright.txt and mexnccopyright.txt files.

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