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Determine chunking settings for NetCDF variable


[storage,chunkSizes] = netcdf.inqVarChunking(ncid,varid)


[storage,chunkSizes] = netcdf.inqVarChunking(ncid,varid) returns the type of chunking and the dimensions of a chunk for the NetCDF variable specified by varid, in the file or group specified by ncid.

Input Arguments


Identifier of NetCDF file, returned by netcdf.create or, or of a NetCDF group, returned by netcdf.defGrp.


Identifier of NetCDF variable, returned by netcdf.defVar.

Output Arguments


Text string specifying if NetCDF breaks the data into chunks when writing to a file. CHUNKED indicates the data is chunked; CONTIGUOUS indicates that the data is not chunked.


Array specifying the dimensions of the chunk.

Because MATLAB uses FORTRAN-style ordering, the order of dimensions in chunkdims is reversed relative to what would be in the NetCDF C API.

If the storage type specified is CONTIGUOUS, netcdf.inqVarChunking returns an empty array, [].


This example opens the NetCDF sample dataset and gets the values of chunking parameters associated with a variable.

ncid ='','NOWRITE');
groupid = netcdf.inqNcid(ncid,'grid1');
varid = netcdf.inqVarID(groupid,'temp');
[storage,chunkSize] = netcdf.inqVarChunking(groupid,varid);


This function corresponds to the nc_inq_var_chunking function in the netCDF library C API.

For copyright information, read the netcdfcopyright.txt and mexnccopyright.txt files.

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