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Open terminal on host computer to use Linux shell on Raspberry Pi hardware


  • openShell(mypi)


openShell(mypi) opens an SSH terminal on your host computer that provides encrypted access to the Linux® command shell on the Raspberry Pi™ hardware. When you are prompted, enter a user name and password. The default user name and password are pi and raspberry.


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Change Passwords Using a SSH Terminal

You can use an encrypted SSH terminal session to change the password on your Raspberry Pi board.

It is a good security practice to immediately change the default password to a secure one the first time you connect to the Raspberry Pi board.

mypi = raspi()

Start the raspi-config utility.

sudo raspi-config

Select 2 Change User Password and change the default password to a secure one.

Input Arguments

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mypi — Connection to specific boardhandle

Connection to a specific board, specified as a handle.

Use raspi to create this connection.

Example: mypi

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