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Transfer file from host computer to target hardware


  • putFile(mypi,source)
  • putFile(mypi,source,destination)


putFile(mypi,source) copies the specified file from the MATLAB® Current Folder to the current folder (pwd) on the Raspberry Pi™ hardware. Wildcards are supported.

putFile(mypi,source,destination) copies the file to a destination path and optional file name.


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Upload a File to the Raspberry Pi Hardware

You can copy a file, such as out.jpg, from your host computer to the Raspberry Pi hardware. Use the different file and path conventions of each operating system.


Input Arguments

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mypi — Connection to specific boardhandle

Connection to a specific board, specified as a handle.

Use raspi to create this connection.

Example: mypi

source — Path and name of file on host computerMATLAB Current Folder (default) | source path

Path and name of the file on the host computer. Specify the path as a string. You can use an absolute path or a relative path from the MATLAB Current Folder. Use the path and file naming conventions of the operating system on your host computer.

Example: 'C:\Work\.profile'

Data Types: char

destination — Destination folder path and optional file namedestination path

Destination folder path and optional file name, specified as a string. Use Linux® path and file naming conventions. Optional.

Example: '/home/pi/.profile'

Data Types: char

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