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Select, move, resize, or copy axes and uicontrol graphics objects


The selectmoveresize function is not recommended. Use the plotedit function to copy, move, resize, and edit objects instead.


A = selectmoveresize


In releases before R2014b, selectmoveresize was useful as the callback routine for axes and uicontrol button down functions. It allowed users to move, resize, and copy axes and uicontrol objects.

A = selectmoveresize returns a structure array containing

  • A.Type: Action type, which can be 'Select', 'Move', 'Resize', or 'Copy'

  • A.Handles: a list of the selected handles, or, for a Copy, an m-by-2 matrix containing the original handles in the first column and the new handles in the second column

set(gca,'ButtonDownFcn','selectmoveresize') sets the ButtonDownFcn property of the current axes to 'selectmoveresize'.

Introduced before R2006a

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