Set component position in pixels




setpixelposition(handle,position) sets the position of the component specified by handle, to the specified position relative to its parent. position is a four-element vector that specifies the location and size of the component: [pixels from left, pixels from bottom, pixels across, pixels high].

setpixelposition(handle,position,recursive) sets the position as above. If Boolean recursive is true, the position is set relative to the parent figure of handle.


This example first creates a push button within a panel.

f = figure('Position',[300 300 300 200]);
p = uipanel('Position',[.2 .2 .6 .6]);
h1 = uicontrol(p,'Style','PushButton',...
               'String','Push Button',...
               'Position',[.1 .1 .5 .2]);

The example then retrieves the position of the push button and changes its position with respect to the panel.

pos1 = getpixelposition(h1);
setpixelposition(h1,pos1 + [10 10 25 25]);

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