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Spin colormap




The spinmap function shifts the colormap RGB values by some incremental value. For example, if the increment equals 1, color 1 becomes color 2, color 2 becomes color 3, etc.

spinmap cyclically rotates the colormap for approximately five seconds using an incremental value of 2.

spinmap(t) rotates the colormap for approximately 10*t seconds. The amount of time specified by t depends on your hardware configuration (e.g., if you are running MATLAB® software over a network).

spinmap(t,inc) rotates the colormap for approximately 10*t seconds and specifies an increment inc by which the colormap shifts. When inc is 1, the rotation appears smoother than the default (i.e., 2). Increments greater than 2 are less smooth than the default. A negative increment (e.g., –2) rotates the colormap in a negative direction.

spinmap('inf') rotates the colormap for an infinite amount of time. To break the loop, press Ctrl+C.

Introduced before R2006a

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