Find and install support for third-party hardware or software




The supportPackageInstaller function opens Support Package Installer.

Support Package Installer allows you to install support packages, which add support for specific third-party hardware or software to specific MathWorks® products.

You can use Support Package Installer to:

  • Display a list of available, installable, installed, or updatable support packages.

  • Install, update, download, or uninstall a support package.

  • Update the firmware on specific third-party hardware.

  • Provide your MathWorks software with information about required third-party software.

If third-party software is included, Support Package Installer displays a list of the software and licenses for you to review before continuing.

You can also start Support Package Installer in one of the following ways:

  • On the MATLAB® toolstrip, click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages.

  • In the MATLAB Command Window, enter:

  • Double-click a support package installation file (*.mlpkginstall).

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