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Class: Tiff

Total number of strips in image


numStrips = numberOfStrips(tiffobj)


numStrips = numberOfStrips(tiffobj) returns the total number of strips in the image.


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Determine the number of strips in the second image of a file.

Create a Tiff object associated with the example file, example.tif.

t = Tiff('example.tif','r');

When the Tiff object is created, the first image in the file is the current image file directory.

Make the second image the current directory.


Get the number of strips in the image if the image has a stripped organization.

if ~isTiled(t)
	numStrips = numberOfStrips(t)
numStrips = 7

The image has 7 strips.

Close the Tiff object.



This method corresponds to the TIFFNumberOfStrips function in the LibTIFF C API. To use this method, you must be familiar with the TIFF specification and technical notes. View this documentation at LibTIFF - TIFF Library and Utilities.

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