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Class: Tiff

Read data from specified strip


stripData = readEncodedStrip(tiffobj,stripNumber)
[Y,Cb,Cr] = readEncodedStrip(tiffobj,stripNumber)


stripData = readEncodedStrip(tiffobj,stripNumber) reads data from the strip specified by stripNumber. Strip numbers are one-based numbers.

[Y,Cb,Cr] = readEncodedStrip(tiffobj,stripNumber) reads YCbCr component data from the specified strip. The size of the chrominance components Cb and Cr might differ from the size of the luminance component Y depending on the value of the YCbCrSubSampling tag.

readEncodeStrip clips the last strip, if the strip extends past the ImageLength boundary.


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Read a Strip

Read the first strip in the second image of a TIFF file.

Create a Tiff object associated with the example file, example.tif, and make the second image the current directory.

t = Tiff('example.tif','r');

Read the data in the first strip. Then, close the Tiff object.

data = readEncodedStrip(t,1);

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This method corresponds to the TIFFReadEncodedStrip function in the LibTIFF C API. To use this method, you must be familiar with the TIFF specification and technical notes. View this documentation at LibTIFF - TIFF Library and Utilities.

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