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Class: timeseries

Subtract mean or best-fit line and all NaNs from timeseries object


ts1 = detrend(ts, method)
ts1 = detrend(ts, method, index)


ts1 = detrend(ts, method) subtracts either a mean or a best-fit line from time-series data, using the specified method. Usually for FFT processing.

ts1 = detrend(ts, method, index) uses the optional index to specify the columns or rows to detrend.

Input Arguments


The timeseries object from which you want to subtract the mean or best-fit line and all NaNs.


A string that specifies one of the following detrend methods:

  • 'constant' — Subtracts the mean.

  • 'linear' — Subtracts the best-fit line.


An integer array that specifies the columns or rows to detrend when ts.IsTimeFirst is true.

Output Arguments


The timeseries object resulting from detrending the input timeseries object.


  • You cannot apply detrend totimeseries data with more than two dimensions.

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Introduced before R2006a

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