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Class: timeseries

Size of data sample in timeseries object




getdatasamplesize(ts) returns the size of each data sample in a timeseries object.

Input Arguments


String specifying the name of a timeseries object.


After loading data and creating a timeseries object, get the size of a data sample:

% Load a 24-by-3 data array:
load count.dat

% Create a timeseries object with 24 time values:
count_ts = timeseries(count,[1:24],'Name','VehicleCount')

% Get the size of the data sample for this timeseries object:

MATLAB® returns the following, which indicates that the size of each data sample in count_ts is 1-by-3. In other words, MATLAB stores each data sample as a row with three values.

ans =

     1     3


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Introduced before R2006a

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