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Class: triangulation

Triangulation facets referenced by only one triangle or tetrahedron


FBtri = freeBoundary(TR)
[FBtri,FBpoints] = freeBoundary(TR)


FBtri = freeBoundary(TR) returns the free boundary facets of TR.ConnectivityList. A facet in TR is on the free boundary if it is referenced by only one triangle or tetrahedron.

[FBtri,FBpoints] = freeBoundary(TR) also returns a matrix containing the vertices of the free boundary facets.

Input Arguments


Triangulation representation, see triangulation or delaunayTriangulation.

Output Arguments


Triangulation connectivity list, returned as a matrix that contains the following information:

  • Each row in FBtri represents a facet on the free boundary.

  • Each element is a Vertex ID.

The vertex IDs in FBtri reference a specific matrix, depending on the syntax you choose:

  • If you call freeBoundary with one output argument, then the elements of FBtri are row numbers of TR.Points.

  • If you call freeBoundary with two output arguments, then the elements of FBtri are row numbers of FBpoints.


Free boundary points, returned as a matrix containing the coordinates of the vertices of the free boundary facets. Each row of FBpoints contains coordinates of a vertex.


Vertex ID

A row number of the matrix, TR.Points or FBpoints. Use this ID to refer a specific vertex in the triangulation.


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Use freeBoundary to extract the facets of a 3-D triangulation that cover the surface of an object.

Load a 3-D triangulation.

load tetmesh;
TR = triangulation(tet,X);

Compute the boundary triangulation.

[FBtri,FBpoints] = freeBoundary(TR);

Plot the boundary triangulation.

trisurf(FBtri,FBpoints(:,1),FBpoints(:,2),FBpoints(:,3), ...
       'FaceColor','cyan','FaceAlpha', 0.8);

Use freeBoundary when you want to highlight the outer edges of a 2-D Delaunay triangulation.

Create a triangulation from a random set of points.

x = gallery('uniformdata',[20,1],0);
y = gallery('uniformdata',[20,1],1);
DT = delaunayTriangulation(x,y);

Find the free boundary edges.

fe = freeBoundary(DT)';

Plot the mesh and highlight the free boundary edges in red.

hold on;
plot(x(fe),y(fe),'-r','LineWidth',2) ;
hold off;

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