Resume execution of blocked program




uiresume(h) resumes the program execution that uiwait suspended.


This example creates a GUI with a Continue push button. The example calls uiwait to block MATLAB® execution until uiresume is called. This happens when the user clicks the Continue push button because the push button's Callback, which responds to the click, calls uiresume.

f = figure;
h = uicontrol('Position',[20 20 200 40],'String','Continue',...
disp('This will print immediately');
disp('This will print after you click Continue');

gcbf is the handle of the figure that contains the object whose callback is executing.

Modal Dialog Box in a GUIDE GUI is a more complex example for a GUIDE GUI.

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The uiwait and uiresume functions block and resume MATLAB program execution. When creating a dialog box, you should have a uicontrol component with a callback that calls uiresume or a callback that destroys the dialog box. These are the only methods that resume program execution after the uiwait function blocks execution.

When used in conjunction with a modal dialog box, uiresume can resume the execution of the program that uiwait suspended while presenting a dialog box.

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