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(To be removed) Undo previous checkout from source control system (UNIX platforms)


undocheckout will be removed in a future release.


undocheckout({'filename1','filename2', ...,'filenamen'})


undocheckout('filename') makes the file filename available for checkout, where filename does not reflect any of the changes you made after you last checked it out. Use the full path for filename and include the file extension.

undocheckout({'filename1','filename2', ...,'filenamen'}) makes filename1 through filenamen available for checkout, where the files do not reflect any of the changes you made after you last checked them out. Use the full paths for the file names and include the file extensions.


Undo the checkouts of /myserver/myfiles/clock.m and /myserver/myfiles/calendar.m from the source control system:

undocheckout({'/myserver/myfiles/clock.m', ... 

Introduced before R2006a

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