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Surface and Mesh Plots

Representing gridded data as surface and mesh plots


surf 3-D shaded surface plot
surfc Contour plot under a 3-D shaded surface plot
surface Create surface object
surfl Surface plot with colormap-based lighting
surfnorm Compute and display 3-D surface normals
mesh Mesh plot
meshc Plot a contour graph under mesh graph
meshz Plot a curtain around mesh plot
hidden Remove hidden lines from mesh plot
fsurf Plot 3-D surface
fmesh Plot 3-D mesh
fimplicit3 Plot 3-D implicit function
waterfall Waterfall plot
ribbon Ribbon plot
contour3 3-D contour plot
peaks Example function of two variables
cylinder Generate cylinder
ellipsoid Generate ellipsoid
sphere Generate sphere
pcolor Pseudocolor (checkerboard) plot
surf2patch Convert surface data to patch data


Chart Surface Properties Control chart surface appearance and behavior
Primitive Surface Properties Control primitive surface appearance and behavior
Function Surface Properties Control function surface appearance and behavior
Implicit Function Surface Properties Control function surface appearance and behavior
Parameterized Function Surface Properties Control parameterized function surface appearance and behavior


Representing Data as a Surface

You can visualize matrix data on a rectangular grid using surface plots.

Coloring Mesh and Surface Plots

There are several techniques for coloring surface and mesh plots, including colormaps, truecolor, and texture mapping.

Gridded Data Interpolation

Interpolation of uniformly sampled data in 2-D, 3-D, N-D

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