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Call COM Objects

Access COM components and ActiveX® controls from MATLAB®

The Microsoft® Component Object Model (COM) provides a framework for integrating reusable, binary software components into an application. Because components are implemented with compiled code, the source code can be written in programming languages that support COM. Upgrades to applications are simplified, as components can simply be swapped without the need to recompile the entire application. In addition, a component's location is transparent to the application, so components can be relocated to a separate process or even a remote system without having to modify the application.

Alternatively, consider using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

MATLAB supports COM and the .NET Framework integration on the Microsoft Windows® platform only.


actxserver Create COM server
actxcontrol Create Microsoft ActiveX control in figure window
actxcontrollist List currently installed Microsoft ActiveX controls
actxcontrolselect Create Microsoft ActiveX control from UI
actxGetRunningServer Handle to running instance of Automation server
iscom Determine whether input is COM or ActiveX object
isprop Determine whether input is COM object property
get Get property value from interface, or display properties
set Set object or interface property to specified value
addproperty Add custom property to COM object
deleteproperty Remove custom property from COM object
inspect Open Property Inspector
propedit Open built-in property page for control
fieldnames Field names of structure, or public fields of object
ismethod Determine whether input is COM object method
methods Class method names
methodsview View class methods
invoke Invoke method on COM object or interface, or display methods
isevent Determine whether input is COM object event
events List of events COM object can trigger
eventlisteners List event handler functions associated with COM object events
registerevent Associate event handler for COM object event at run time
unregisterallevents Unregister all event handlers associated with COM object events at run time
unregisterevent Unregister event handler associated with COM object event at run time
isinterface Determine whether input is COM interface
interfaces List custom interfaces exposed by COM server object
release Release COM interface
delete Remove COM control or server
move Move or resize control in parent window
load Initialize control object from file
save Serialize control object to file

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