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Camera Views

View point positioning

To understand the MATLAB® viewing model, see View Overview.


view Viewpoint specification
makehgtform Create 4-by-4 transform matrix
viewmtx View transformation matrices
cameratoolbar Control camera toolbar programmatically
campan Rotate camera target around camera position
camzoom Zoom in and out on scene
camdolly Move camera position and target
camlookat Position camera to view object or group of objects
camorbit Rotate camera position around camera target
campos Set or query camera position
camproj Set or query projection type
camroll Rotate camera about view axis
camtarget Set or query location of camera target
camup Set or query camera up vector
camva Set or query camera view angle


Axes Properties Control axes appearance and behavior

Examples and How To

Tools Workflow

Zooming in Graphs

Zooming changes the magnification of a graph without changing the size of the figure or axes.

Panning — Shifting Your View of the Graph

You can move your view of a graph up and down as well as left and right with the pan tool.

Rotate in 3-D

You can rotate graphs to any orientation by enabling rotation mode and controlling rotation options,

View Control with the Camera Toolbar

The Camera toolbar enables you to perform a number of viewing operations interactively.

Programmatic Workflow

Setting the Viewpoint with Azimuth and Elevation

You can control the orientation of axes using graphics functions.

Dollying the Camera

The camdolly function allows you to move both the position of the camera and the position of the camera target in unison.

Moving the Camera Through a Scene

This example shows how to move a camera along a path traced by a stream line and how to move a light source with the camera.

Manipulating Axes Aspect Ratio

There are several axes properties that control the aspect ratio. Set these properties to achieve the effect you want.


Camera Graphics Terminology

Graphics provides functionality, analogous to that of a camera with a zoom lens, that enables you to control the view of the scene.

Understanding View Projections

Graphics supports both orthographic and perspective projection types for displaying 3-D graphics. The one you select depends on the type of graphics you are displaying.

Low-Level Camera Properties

Camera graphics is based on a group of axes properties that control the position and orientation of the camera.

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