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Visual Exploration

Pan, zoom, and rotate graphics; modify and save observations

Data analysis and graphics tools for visual data exploration include the following capabilities:

  • Creating summary visualizations, such as histograms or scatter plots

  • Adjusting the view of a graph by panning, zooming, or rotating

  • Highlighting and editing observations on graphs

  • Describing observations on graphics

  • Connecting data graphs with variables

Used alone or together, these tools help you perceive trends, noise, and relationships in data sets.


panPan view of graph interactively
zoomTurn zooming on or off or magnify by factor
rotateRotate object about specified origin and direction
rotate3dRotate 3-D view using mouse
brushInteractively mark, delete, modify, and save observations in graphs
datacursormodeEnable, disable, and manage interactive data cursor mode
ginputGraphical input from mouse or cursor
linkdataAutomatically update graphs when variables change
linkaxesSynchronize limits of specified 2-D axes
linkpropKeep same value for corresponding properties of graphics objects
refreshdataRefresh data in graph when data source is specified
figurepaletteShow or hide Figure Palette
plotbrowserShow or hide figure Plot Browser
ploteditInteractively edit and annotate plots
plottoolsShow or hide plot tools
propertyeditorShow or hide Property Editor
propeditOpen Property Editor
showplottoolShow or hide figure plot tool


Types of MATLAB Plots

There are various functions that you can use to plot data.

Ways to Explore Graphical Data

You can exploring graphical data and enhance the visual display of the information using the tools discussed in this section.

Zooming in Graphs

Zooming changes the magnification of a graph without changing the size of the figure or axes.

Panning — Shifting Your View of the Graph

You can move your view of a graph up and down as well as left and right with the pan tool.

Rotate in 3-D

You can rotate graphs to any orientation by enabling rotation mode and controlling rotation options,

Display Data Values Interactively

Data cursors enable you to read data directly off a graph, save it in the workspace, and label data points.

What Is Interactive Data Exploration?

Use data analysis and graphics tools to visually explore data sets.

Interacting with Graphed Data

Inspect graphed data with the Variables editor and data tips.

Marking Up Graphs with Data Brushing

Interactively highlight portions of graphs.

Making Graphs Responsive with Data Linking

Connect graph data to workspace variables.

Customize Graph Using Plot Tools

You can customize a graph interactively using the Property Editor, the Plot Browser, and the Figure Palette.

Create Subplots Using Plot Tools

This example shows how to create a figure with multiple graphs interactively and add different types of plots to each graph using the plot tools.

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