Remove Commands or Figures from the History

The Command History in the MATLAB® Mobile™ application stores all the commands that you issue on your device, with static snapshots of the figures that you create. Access the history by touching the History tab.

When you have many commands or figures, scrolling through them becomes less smooth. Delete unwanted items to improve scrolling performance.

To remove...Follow these steps...

All previous commands from the Command Window

Use the clc command.

Specific commands and snapshots from the Command History

Tap History and select the commands.

On an iPad device, tap Delete.

On an iPod touch or iPhone device, tap the action button , and then tap Delete.

All snapshots or commands from the Command History

Tap Settings: (iPhone and iPod devices) or (iPad devices).

In Snapshots Settings, tap Clear All Snapshots

In History Settings, tap Clear All History.

By default, MATLAB Mobile saves up to 100 figure snapshots in your history. To change this setting:

  1. Tap Settings: (iPhone and iPod devices) or (iPad devices).

  2. In Snapshot Settings, select Maximum Snapshots.

  3. Select the maximum number of snapshots to save.

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