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Configure MATLAB Mobile to Connect to Your Computer

To connect to a MATLAB® session running on your computer, define a connection, as follows:

  1. Start the MATLAB Mobile™ application.

  2. Specify that you want to connect to your computer:

    • If you have not defined any connections, a welcome screen appears. Touch Connect to Your Computer.

    • If you already connected to the cloud or to a different computer, swipe left, touch the Settings tab, and touch Add a Computer.

    The following screen appears.

  3. In the Computer box, type either the DNS name (typically in the form hostname.domainname.ext) or the IP address of your computer. For more information, see Find a Computer's DNS Name or IP Address.

  4. In the Connector Password box, type the password for the connector, as described in Start the Connector.

  5. Optionally, specify the port number and a descriptive name for your computer, where:

    • The default Port, 31415, is available for the connector on most systems. If you know that your system uses this port for another application, specify a different port number. The port number must match the port specified in the connector configuration file on your computer. For more information, see Install the Connector on Your Computer.

    • A descriptive Name allows you to distinguish easily between systems. Specifying a name is useful when you plan to connect to more than one computer running MATLAB , or when you define connections with IP addresses.

  6. Save your settings and start the session by touching Connect at the top of the screen. If you cannot connect, see Troubleshooting Desktop Connections.

Each time you start the application, it attempts to reestablish the most recent connection. If the application cannot determine the most recent connection, it attempts to connect to the first connection in your settings (either to the cloud or to the first computer listed).

Please keep in mind that MATLAB Mobile and MATLAB Connector™ are intended for use behind a firewall on a private network. If you plan to use MATLAB Mobile over the public Internet, via 3G, or via 4G, it is recommended you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Find a Computer's DNS Name or IP Address

To identify your computer, specify either the DNS (host) name or the IP address. When you turn the connector on, MATLAB returns the most likely address information for your system, in the following form:

>> connector on

DNS name:
IP address:

Use this link to test the connector:

For some systems, the connector returns incorrect address information. Use system commands to determine the correct IP address for your operating system:

Windows Systems

To find the IP address of your Windows® system:

  1. Open a command window. For example, on Windows XP systems, select Start > Run and enter cmd.

  2. At the prompt, enter

    ipconfig -all

    Your system returns information like the following, including the IP address.

Macintosh or Linux Systems

To find the IP address of your Macintosh or Linux® system, follow these instructions.

  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. At the prompt, enter the command

    ifconfig -a

    Your system returns information like the following, including the IP address.

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