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Enter Commands

    Note:   The MATLAB® Mobile™ application sends all commands to the cloud or to your computer for evaluation. Your device does not perform any calculations or store any workspace variables locally.

MATLAB Keyboard on Your Device

The keyboard in the MATLAB Mobile application includes two additional rows that allow you to access numbers and commonly-used special characters quickly. The MATLAB Mobile keyboard is accessible from the command window only.

You can touch and hold buttons with numbers or special characters to select additional characters. For example, touching and holding the minus key selects the plus sign.

Similarly, touching and holding the button for braces allows you to select the left or right brace only.

Pressing the button for the period allows you to access currency symbols and other special characters.

Turn off the MATLAB Keyboard

The MATLAB keyboard is turned on, by default. You can use your device's standard keyboard instead of the MATLAB keyboard.

To change the setting for the MATLAB keyboard:

  1. Swipe left and touch the Settings tab.

  2. In Command Settings, touch the On button for the MATLAB Keyboard.

    The setting changes to Off. The command window in MATLAB Mobile displays your device's standard keyboard.

Turn on the MATLAB Keyboard

  1. Swipe left and touch Settings

  2. In Command Settings, touch the Off setting for MATLAB Keyboard.

    The setting changes to On. The command window in MATLAB Mobile displays the MATLAB keyboard.

File Access

The MathWorks® Cloud periodically clears figures that you create. However, figures and variables that you create on the cloud persist after you exit the application, and are available the next time you connect. To view the list of variables available in your remote session, use the whos command.

If you connect to your computer, you can access any data files or run any program files that are on the MATLAB path or in the current folder. For example:

  • Perform file operations using standard MATLAB commands, such as cd and pwd to change and view the current folder, respectively.

  • Access or save data to files on your computer using data import and export commands, such as load or save.

  • View the contents of text files, including MATLAB program files, with the type command.


When you connect to your computer, you can run commands associated with any of your installed MathWorks products.

Regardless of the connection type, MATLAB Mobile does not support:

  • Apps or tools that use graphical user interfaces, such as the SPTool and Curve Fitting Tool.

  • An Editor for creating or editing files.

  • The doc command. To view function documentation, use the help command. Alternatively, open the default web browser on your device and navigate to the product documentation at

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