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Start Admin Center

Admin Center is a graphical user interface with which you can control and monitor the MATLAB® Distributed Computing Server™ processes of a MATLAB job scheduler (MJS) cluster. Admin center does not support any common job scheduler (CJS) clusters or third-party schedulers.

You start Admin Center outside a MATLAB session by executing the following:

  • matlabroot/toolbox/distcomp/bin/admincenter (on UNIX® operating systems)

  • matlabroot\toolbox\distcomp\bin\admincenter.bat (on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems)

The first time you start Admin Center, you see the following welcome dialog box.

A new session of Admin Center has no cluster hosts listed, so the usual first step is to identify the hosts you want to include in your listing. To do this, click Add or Find. Further information continues in the next section, Set Up Resources.

If you start Admin Center again on the same host, your previous session for that machine is loaded; and unless the update rate is set to never, Admin Center performs an update immediately for the listed hosts and processes. To clear this information and start a new session, select the pull-down File > New Session.

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