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Troubleshooting in MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Common solutions for cluster administration problems

License Errors

When starting a MATLAB® worker, a licensing problem might result in the message

Memory Errors on UNIX Operating Systems

If the number of threads created by the server services on a machine running a UNIX® operating system (Linux® or Macintosh) exceeds the limitation set by the maxproc value, the services fail and generate an out-of-memory error.

Run Server Processes on Windows Network Installation

Many networks are configured not to allow LocalSystem to have access to UNC or mapped network shares.

Required Ports

The mdce_def file specifies and describes the ports required by the job manager and all workers.

Ephemeral TCP Ports with Job Manager

If you use the job manager on a cluster of nodes running Windows® operating systems, you must make sure that a large number of ephemeral TCP ports are available on the job manager machine.

Host Communications Problems

If a worker is not able to make a connection with its MATLAB job scheduler (MJS, or job manager), or if a client session cannot validate a profile that uses that scheduler, this might indicate communications problems between nodes.

Verify Network Communications for Cluster Discovery

If you want to use the discover cluster capabilities in Parallel Computing Toolbox™, your network must be configured with at least one of the following:

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